The Essential PR & Marketing Field Guide for Creative Brands


A self-guided course designed for creative brands in the wedding, events and hospitality industry looking to propel their business to new heights with a proven PR and marketing strategy.

What would it feel like to consistently attract clients who value your craft and offer you creative freedom?

Perhaps you’re feeling stagnant without a fresh perspective. Or you’re concerned about an increasingly saturated market. The Essential PR & Marketing Field Guide will give you the skills to be the CEO and the CMO of your business. You’ll gain the same knowledge that leading brands have used to dominate the market, plus modern tactics that will help you gain distinction.

A course combining this depth of PR and marketing expertise with industry relevance hasn’t existed…until today.


“I can say, without hesitation, that partnering with In Good Company PR, and Natalie in particular, has been one of the greatest assets to my business since its inception. Natalie has a true gift for helping to clarify a vision, distill meaning, define messaging and create content around the heart of a business.” - Elizabeth LaDuca


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Consider The Field Guide a Master’s level education in PR and marketing with industry relevance. The days of second guessing every marketing move are over. With The Field Guide, you’ll have the tools to strengthen brand awareness, clarify your market position and connect with clients who appreciate and are willing to invest in your craft, wholeheartedly. See The Field Guide curriculum here

VALUE: $3,400


With thoughtful, consistent execution comes measurable change. Our digestible worksheets dive deeper into the strategy we discuss in each module. Want to know how to pitch an editor? You’ll have a real-life example to inspire your own media outreach. Overwhelmed by the thought of social media planning? We’ll create months worth of content in just one sitting. And so much more.

VALUE: $2,800


Have you ever worked with a publicist before? Your journey inside this course will be customized from the start. After purchasing, you’ll be invited to book a 20-minute strategy session with Natalie Denyse by phone. Together, we’ll discuss your unique game plan. You’ll walk away with clarity and a renewed energy to dive into this course and capitalize on new opportunities that come from your efforts. Get to know me!

* Note: You will have 60 days from the time of purchase to book your strategy session to ensure you have clarity on the steps to success.

VALUE: $150


It can sometimes feel isolating being a creative business owner. Inside our private ‘Field Guide’ Facebook Group, you’ll be encouraged to ask questions and share knowledge amongst an intimate group of like-minded brands in the wedding, events and hospitality industry. As you implement our recommendations, you’ll have the support of a community who will celebrate in your achievements and help you conquer any challenges that may lie ahead. Our team will share relevant resources that will build upon the practices inside this course and be able to answer your questions without needing to pay a single dollar in additional consulting fees.

* Note: Members of our Founders Circle will get unlimited access to our private ‘Field Guide’ Facebook group through January, 31, 2020. Starting February 1, 2020, all members are invited to remain active participants for $29 per month.

VALUE: $116+


Are you concerned you may not have the time to learn and execute these principles? Don’t worry. Everyone learns in a different way and we respect that journey. You (and your team) are welcome to revisit the material inside anytime - you have access for the lifetime of the program.

The Essential PR & Marketing Field Guide is designed to be a shared rubric for success amongst the players on your team. Typical online courses require you to purchase additional seats for associates. Not here. Instead, we hope this course becomes part of the fiber of your brand.


The total value of The Essential PR & Marketing Field Guide is over $6,000. That’s comparable to the price of a single industry conference.

We think your marketing budget should be utilized to the fullest. The Essential PR & Marketing Field Guide was designed to sustain your growth, so your brand will thrive for years to come while you develop personal skills as a savvy marketer.

Right now, those who join our Founders Circle will get The Essential PR & Marketing Field Guide + bonuses for $1,650.


“As a business owner, if you do something particularly well, you are often consumed by it. Meanwhile, you may be hampered by the fact that there is an entirely different - but equally essential piece of marketing - that needs to be done in order to grow. This is an area I had no expertise in. In Good Company has been our cheerleaders and advocates but most importantly, showed us the way to maintain a comprehensive but not overly complicated PR and marketing strategy that works for our unique business. “ - Uncommon Feasts


This is an exclusive bonus for the first 100 Founding Members, only. (Psst… we won’t be offering this again, so don’t delay!)


As a Founding Member, you’ll get an exclusive rate of $1,650. This rate will disappear after our Founders Circle has reached 100 creative brands. At that time. those who are interested will be welcomed to join a waitlist for the next release at the public price.


In addition to unrestricted access to the course material, you will receive all future updates to the course absolutely free.


Our Founders Circle will be limited to 100 like-minded creative brands who share a commitment to education, sharing knowledge and building authentic relationships with new partners in this industry. As a Founding Member, your monthly membership fee to our private ‘Field Guide’ Facebook Group will be waived through January 31, 2020. *cancel anytime


“We could not have expanded into this market without In Good Company's expertise, hands down.” - Elevated Pulse Productions

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Imagine booking just one new, qualified client for next season.

Recouping your investment (and then some) is just the start. With thoughtful implementation of these strategies, your next milestone project will be well within reach.