With The Field Guide, you’ll never second guess another marketing move. Instead, you’ll have the tools to strengthen brand awareness, clarify your market position and connect with clients who appreciate and are willing to invest in your craft, wholeheartedly. Inside each module, you’ll discover the real life application of these principles, designed for your wedding, events or hospitality brand.

MODULE I - Understanding your ‘ideal client persona’

Discover how your ideal client likes to be communicated with, so you can build a marketing strategy rooted in insight rather than assumptions

MODULE II - Refining your brand’s elevator pitch

Develop a series of pitches that illustrate your experience and unique approach that can be used in media pitching, marketing materials, social media and more

MODULE III - Media Training 101

You may not have the luxury of a career spent working with editors daily. We do. Learn how to showcase your work confidently to editors and lay the foundation for positive, long-term relationships

MODULE IV - Developing stronger relationships with editors  

Understand how to approach editors - from wedding to lifestyle and mainstream business media - and what will get them interested in your story. Did we mention you’ll get real life pitch examples?

MODULE V - Social Media: A Balanced Perspective 

Embrace a mindset shift from being ‘on’ social media to being apart of social media - including new promising platforms

MODULE VI - Reconstructing your content marketing strategy

We’ll develop months worth of effective video, photo and written content. You’ll spark meaningful connection with your target audience.

MODULE VII - Smart market positioning

Discover new ways to elevate your current service offerings and learn how to more effectively communicate your unique value to clients

MODULE VIII - Creative tactics for growing your network of like-minded creatives

Nurture (and grow) the company you keep with fresh ways to approach partnerships with intention and grace.

MODULE IX - All the Data: A starter guide to SEO and using data for smart business decisions

Leverage data and insights to inform your PR & marketing long-term