I tend to have a hard time executing my ideas. Is this course right for me? 

We want you to be successful implementing these strategies! In each module, there will be concepts that come more naturally than others - and in those situations, we welcome you to use The Field Guide Facebook group to post questions and share your knowledge so the entire community can benefit from one another. You can find our team actively responding and posting inside this group at least twice a week. You’ll benefit from continued guidance in a warm, encouraging community of like-minded creatives.

I’ve been running my business for years now and consider myself fairly knowledgeable about marketing. Will I learn anything new in this course?

Our expertise is in the high end market. The Essential PR & Marketing Field Guide is designed with actionable recommendations that we have tested and refined through years working with industry tastemakers. Each module’s content reflects a culmination of strategies that have proven benefits for creative wedding, event and hospitality brands. They aren’t one-size-fits-all generic guides you can find somewhere on the web. This content is specifically geared towards the niche market of creative brands in the wedding, events and hospitality field. 



Realistically, how long will it take me to complete this course?  

This course is designed to complement your off-season. Most complete the videos in a few days, and the worksheets help you apply these principles to your own business. That said, purchasing this course is just the start - measurable results come only through thoughtful execution. We recommend setting aside a few hours every week to implement these strategies or book an internal ‘marketing sprint’ for yourself and your team over the course of a weekend and treat it as an intensive workshop.

Remember, your purchase comes with access for the lifetime of the program. So you’re encouraged to revisit this content and continually refine your efforts using this blueprint to success.

Who is the ideal a candidate for this course?

Perhaps you're an industry veteran feeling stagnant without a fresh perspective. Or you're a professional who has spent at least least three to five years growing your business, but are struggling to differentiate your brand in a saturated market. This course is ideally suited for professionals who have honed their craft and are eager to elevate their brand through an intentional marketing approach. If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place.

This course was designed for wedding / event venues, photographers, event designers and planners, entertainment, floral, catering companies or specialty artisans.

Are you in need of a website overhaul or complete rebrand? Stop. Do not pass go. We recommend coming back to this course when you have a clear, cohesive story that can be amplified through your marketing efforts. Only with that foundation will the practices in this course be most effective.

If you expect to see results simply showing up, this course is not for you. This course was designed for driven entrepreneurs and creative professionals who understand that only consistency and thoughtful execution will yield measurable change.



I have a junior associate on my team who I would like to take over some day-to-day marketing. Would this course be easy to follow and implement?

This is a self-guided course, meaning you go at your own pace. When you purchase, you’ll have access to the entire curriculum.

Unlike many other online courses, we encourage you to share The Field Guide amongst your team. You may have an associate with the makings of a powerhouse marketer or you my want to use this as part of your on-boarding process.

We appreciate you not sharing outside your own company - instead, send your colleagues our way to join the community themselves! Please read and acknowledge our Terms of Use & Policies here.

How is this course unique from something I may find online? 

Our unique industry knowledge combined with years of corporate communications experience differentiates The Field Guide from many generalized courses available online. A course combining this depth of PR and marketing expertise with industry relevance hasn’t existed…until today.

Each concept in this curriculum builds upon the next, so you can revisit the curriculum as you become more savvy with each guiding principle. This course offers wedding, event and hospitality brands a Master’s-level PR and marketing foundation combined with relevant industry application.